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Pinegroove is an independent music library curated by Francesco Biondi, an Italian producer and composer. Over the past 10 years this collection has established its presence in the royalty-free music industry, standing out for its unique high quality catalogue as presented on some of the major licensing platforms.

Royalty-free” usually refers to a licensing method under which music rights are sold at a flat rate for almost all purposes: this is in contrast to rights-managed licensing, when a music license is priced based on how the track will be used. Rights-managed licenses usually come with usage restrictions, including length of time, regions, audience size, and more.

Pinegroove’s catalogue is distributed on multiple stock websites which commonly offer a royalty-free agreement. That means there is no time limitation and your license is good for the life of the original project it was granted for. We decided to release our music on a variety of licensing platforms (see links below) in order to allow our clients to choose the licensing model and terms they prefer, in a way they might find a particular marketplace more convenient or more suitable for their projects. In any case, from YouTube to traditional broadcast you can use our music on multiple media anywhere in the world, but it’s our interest that you pay only for what you need.

A simple rule for understanding royalty-free model is that you can do whatever you want with the music according to the license type you picked except re-selling the track as a stand-alone product.

For years we have been reluctant to register our music with a fingerprinting system. As you may know, Content ID is a popular digital fingerprinting system that music producers can use to easily identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube.

However, as our music gets an increasing diffusion on the internet and its daily exposed to fraudulent use and copyright theft, we have decided to register part of our portfolio with content ID (relying on Identifyy by Haawk), so as to protect our work and, even more important, that of our customers. The risk was that if we had not proceeded with the registration some pirate could have done it in our place, preventing us from intervening promptly and helping our customers in copyright disputes.

Content ID has been a reality for some time now and content creators all over the world have now learned how to deal with it and to easily manage their videos on Youtube. Clearing a claim on Youtube is a very easy and common task nowdays, especially if the original composer of the music is in control. Many customers already do it themselves just uploading their licenses to YouTube without even contact the author. Anyway we’ll be always here to help for any question.

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Yes of course, as long as you have purchased a license for a track you will always have the right to monetize your videos on Youtube.

All the tracks in our catalogue are availabe also in multiple edits, including 30 and 60 seconds ending cuts, loop versions and stingers.

Many of our partner marketplaces offer multiple versions for our track: Luckstock, Pond5, Motion Elements, are some of them. If you can’t find the alternate version you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us here.

After a test phase in which it was possible to purchase licenses directly on our site, we have currently suspended this service only to re-implement it permanently in the future with new features and potential. In the meantime, you can rely on our partner licensing platforms. Obviously, all licenses that have been purchased in the trial period on our website remain valid forever.

Yes, we are always happy to help our customers adapting our music into their projects adjusting lengths, structures, dynamics and lyrics: we can easily do the job for you, no need to ask for stems or try rudimentary solutions. All of our tracks are editable: contact us for a custom service quotation.

Yes, we are always available for custom music works, working on fast delivery time and with competitive fees. Contact us for a custom service quotation.

You can also license a track from one of our partner stock marketplaces: a microstock portal entirely dedicated to music. Best deals and great variety of genres where multiple versions of our tracks are available. the music supplier of Envato group offers five different licenses starting from the lowest price for common web use up to theatrically released films. Each license has been specifically crafted to suit the individual needs of users of production music. offers three different licenses (individual, business, premium) based on the number of individuals allowed to use the music. Best choice for big corporate agencies. Multiple versions of our tracks available. proposes two different licenses (standar and extended) and a credit pricing plan which allows customers in need of a huge amount of stock content to save a lot of money. Multiple versions of our tracks available. Asia’s leading microstock marketplace for video makers worldwide. It offers a fully localized experience for stock media buyers and sellers across Asia and the world. Multiple versions of our tracks available. If you become my patron on you get instant access to a growing archive of 50 tracks ready to be used unlimitedly in your commercial projects. No copyright claims and full monetization for your videos. New tracks are added every month.