What is Youtube Content ID

“Content ID” (or CID) is a fingerprinting tool for copyright owners to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube and other social networks. Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files.

In order to fight illegal use of musical contents, we were forced to register some of our tracks with Content ID as if we didn’t do it, somebody could illegally have registered them before us: this is very important as it gives us full control over our music, allowing us to promptly clear a copyright claim for a customer who has purchased a regular license.

Those tracks registered with Content ID are clearly indicated on our website and in some of our partner licensing platforms. In particular, on pinegroove.net, near the description of that specific track you will see an alert message similar to the one below:

× | This track is registered with Youtube Content ID. In case you receive a standard copyright claim, please upload your license’s receipt to YouTube or fill this form and we will clear your claim straight away. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.

Please note a Content ID claim is not a copyright strike: a claim does not affect the status of your Youtube Channel in any way.

For our CID management we partnered with Identifyy by Haawk, a team of YouTube Certified Content ID specialists.

So, how to clear a copyright claim from Content ID?

As stated in the message above, if you purchased a license for a track and you want to clear this annoying notification on your video, you have 3 easy options:

  • – If you have a receipt for your license you can dispute the claim yourself by following these guidelines;
  • – You can fill the form at the bottom of this page and we will clear the claim for you straight away;
  • – If you can’t find the license receipt, or you can’t remeber when you purchased the track, just send us an email providing as many details as possible (name of the track, purchase period, website where you bought the license) and we will solve the claim for you as well.

In any case, wether you purchased a license from pinegroove.net or from any of our affiliate sites, there’s nothing to worry about: it’s a standard procedure and buyers solve claims in a snap.

Will video creators loose money during a claim?

No. But they shouldn’t wait with the claim clearance dispute. Besides, even if monetization is not the main purpose of your video, clearing a claim should be a priority if you want to avoid ads placements. Whole system is well-thought, here’s more about it.

Fill this form and clear your claim now:

For more infos, watch this video: