Featured Music Pack: Classical Inspiration

A refined selection of some of the most inspiring tracks from our portfolio: classical, evocative royalty-free stock music built on the suggestive encounter of piano and strings. Polished background minimal orchestral music perfect for stylish projects related to art, culture, luxury, nature and beauty. A great offer including 4 of our musical gems for half the price they are sold individually.

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Included Tracks:

  • Art Of Inspiration

    Fast, elegant, slightly baroque yet contemporary orchestral music score for strings, woodwinds and piano. With its evocative, dramatic mood and subtle dynamics the track is perfect for art, fashion, design, luxury related media.

  • Beautiful Mind

    Warm and intimate with flowing piano and atmospheric strings creating heartfelt, sentimental mood. Background music for touching and inspirational scenes, social media vlogs, family footage and wedding slideshow.

  • Come To Life

    Charming and evocative orchestral music with a subtle, gentle sound. Ecstatic, contemplative mood with a slight melancholy air. Perfect for art, nature, technology, design or even luxury related contents (films, documentaries, commercials).

  • Act Of Creation

    Ambient music based on piano arpeggios and atmospheric synth pads, expressing the idea of heavenly, purity, tranquility.