Featured Music Pack: High Tech

An extraordinary selection of 4 distinct music productions for high tech corporate videos. Elaborate electronic instrumental music sharing a common futuristic sound, perfect for hi-tech related productions: automation, design, mechanics, engineering, innovation and information technology. Use these tracks in presentations, explainers, YouTube videos, advertising.

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Included Tracks:

  • Kinetic Energy

    Complex and intricate chillstep background music, featuring atmospheric synthesizers, piano and beats that create a serious, determined mood. This tracks works perfectly with high-tech related productions and futuristic atmospheres.

  • Faster Technology

    Fast dynamic electro-pop corporate track crunchy drums, echoing guitars, strings, warm piano and pulsing drums. Focused, determined mood perfect for high-tech and innovation related videos.

  • Mechanics Of Nature

    Inspiring future chill instrumental track with sharp glitchy drums, plucking synthesizers, cinematic strings and dreamy soundscape. A contemporary sound which perfectly relates to technology, science or business themes. Use it in corporate promo videos and slideshows.

  • Upbeat Corporate Science

    Focused corporate track perfect as background music for business videos relating to science, technology, news and industry. Confident mood with warm spacious pads, echoing synths and steady drum kit rhythm.