TV Drama Music Pack

A fabulous collection consisting of 4 distinct tracks linked by an emotional and dramatic mood, nostalgic and sentimental feel. Elements of classical, ambient and cinematic music, original and flowing melodies, warm acoustic instruments: if you are looking for the sound of top drama tv-shows this is the perfect collection for you.

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Included Tracks:

  • Flow Of Art

    Flowing and warm, with piano, strings and orchestra that build to create a passionate and adventurous mood. Breathtaking emotional melody, with cinematic impulse and epic spirit.

  • Harmony Of Emotion

    Delicate and poignant music for piano and strings. Great nostalgic mood, contemplative atmosphere. Slow tempo and beautiful melody, emotionally touching.

  • Time Of Sorrow

    Pulsing ambient piano with atmospheric strings pads. Sad, melancholic mood with human drama elements. Piano has a persistent cadence with an hypnotic effect favouring a state of contemplation or reflection.

  • Shades Of Emotion

    Passionate and inspiring orchestral music soundtrack with symphonic and chamber parts alternating in a beautiful dynamic structure. Lyrical piano themes, swirling strings, warm and majestic sound. Perfect for emotional productions (art, culture, design, social topics) with the purpose of touching, moving the audience.