Featured Music Pack: Science and Discovery

A refined selection of 5 different royalty-free tracks for science videos, documentaries and explainers, for educational or didatic purposes. The tracks have a common inquiring and investigative mood with electro ambient sounds and complex rhythmic patterns. This kind of music works perfectly with concept like research, information, technology, finance, innovation,medicine and psychology.

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Included Tracks:

  • Scientific Inquiry

    Tense and mysterious ambient music with gloomy tuned percussions, dark mellow piano, pad ambience and glitchy drums. Concerned, anxious mood, perfect background for suspense scenes, adventure, serious investigations, science documentaries and medical productions.

  • Digital Technology

    Flowing chillstep instrumental track with pulsing pattering piano, subtle glitchy drums and echoing synthesizers. Meditative, introspective mood with the impression of forward-thinking. Perfect for corporate presentation, science e and technology related videos, news and current affairs.

  • Through The Lens

    Soft, positive acoustic track with a familiar, intimate atmosphere. Featuring ukulele, piano, hand claps, percussions and celeste.

  • Mind Games

    Ambient chamber music with pizzicato strings, mallets, groovy drums beat and piano. Reflective and contemplative mood, suspended enigmatic feeling. Perfect for discovery and science videos, technology oriented products and corporate presentations, tutorials.

  • Scientific Research

    Fascinating, suggestive ambient background music with pads and warm synth sounds. Perfect for science and technology related videos, inquiring documentaries and curious mood sequences. Please note this track is also registered with Youtube Content ID. Claims will be released when you purchase a license.