Featured Music Pack: Italian Folk

The Italian Folk Music Pack is a collection of the finest traditional italian royalty-free music from our library. Four festive and lively tarantella dances performed by some of the most characteristic instruments of the tradition: mandolin, guitar, accordion, clarinet, percussions. Evoking all the folklore of mediterranean Southern Italy, this music bundle is perfect for restaurants and pizzerias presentations, food vlogs and Italian culture related productions.

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Included Tracks:

  • Taste Of Italy

    Very fast Italian traditional folk dance with mandolin, flute, accordion and percussions. Tarantella is music genre typical of Southern Italy, very well known in Naples and Sicily. Festive atmosphere perfect for projects focusing on italian culture and mediterranean flavours.

  • Italian Story

    Cheerful, festive italian tarantella, a traditional folk dance typical of southern italy and mediterannean shores. Fast tempo, dancing beat with acoustic instruments like mandolin, accordion, piano and percussions. Perfect for: projects related to Italian culture and traditions; Italian restaurants and food blogs; travel agencies.

  • Pizza e Tarantella

    Tarantella is a traditional folk dance from Southern Italy. Consisting of folk instruments such as nylon guitar, mouth harp, mandolin and accordion, this original Tarantella features also human whistling playing the main theme. Perfect for videos relating to mediterranean culture and italian cuisine.

  • Little Italy

    Funny and playful italian tarantella (a typical folk dance of Southern Italy, very popular in areas like Sicily and Naples). A traditional band composed by guitars, piano, accordion and clarinet plays on a fast tempo and creates a festive atmospere. Perfect for media focusing on italian culture and mediterranean flavours.