Christmas Songbook: best of Francesco Biondi’s Holiday songs

Christmas Songbook is the brand new album by Francesco Biondi containing 3 unreleased Christmas songs together with successful singles from past years. A collection of original songs that bring back the authentic pop and jazzy sound of the Holidays, featuring great performers from all over the world: Chris, Sara, Lynsey, Clare on vocals, Yuri and Enzo on sax just to name few of them.


  • 01. When the Snow Falls at Christmas(2022 – vocals by Lynsey)

    Bright and heartening original Christmas song with beautiful female vocals by Lynsey and a cool jazzy swing vibe. The lyrics celebrate the festive atmosphere and good mood of the Holidays. Featuring a smooth jazz combo with a mellow saxophone solo by Yuri Villar. 1950s flavored sound. Perfect for Christmas-related tv shows, film productions, advertising and youtube videos.
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  • 02. It’s Christmas Time Again (2016 – vocals by Will)

    An original Christmas song with a retro swing vibe and cheerful mood. The song is performed by a jazz ensamble composed by lead male voice, double bass, piano, drums strings and celeste, and the lyrics (consisting of four verses and a repeated chorus) evoke all the positive atmosphere of Christmas Holidays.
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  • 03. Christmas In The Good Old Times (2022 – vocals by Lynsey)

    Upbeat Christmas song with a lively swing jazz beat. Bright lead female vocals, Big Band orchestra and jingling bells give this music an authentic and charming retro vintage feel. The lyrics invite you to relive the beautiful Holiday traditions of the good old times.
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  • 04. Make A Little Wish For Christmas (2022 – vocals by Clare)

    Smooth, gentle Christmas jazz ballad with beautiful warm female vocals. Retro-fashioned loungy atmosphere, intimate romantic feel. Subtle jazz combo featuring piano, saxophone, drums and double bass. This is an original song.
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  • 05. It Happens At Christmas (2019 – vocals by Sara)

    An original Christmas song performed by a female singer and big band. Cool jazz retro sound with a cheerful happy mood. A polished elegant music ready for a classic romantic comedy evoking all the magical atmosphere of Christmas: chimes, sleigh bells, orchestral runs, beautiful melody, jazzy rhythm section, with lyrics consisting of 4 verses and choruses.
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  • 06. We Love The Holidays (2018 – vocals by Chris)

    We Love the Holidays is a brand new light jazz original Christmas song with male lead vocals by Chris Weeks. The song has a cheerful, merry mood with lyrics celebrating the atmosphere of the Holiday. Brass band instrumental intro, bells, piano and trombone solo in the middle of the song. With its tasteful retro vibe this track is perfect for Christmas related videos and films.
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  • 07. On A Christmas Day (2021 – vocals by Sylvie)

    Bright and cheerful original Christmas song with a jazzy swing retro vibe. Expressive female vocals with colorful big band orchestra consisting of strings and brass section, drums, mallets and piano. The lyrics evoke authentic Holiday atmospheres, mentioning all the things that make you adore Christmas: the mistletoe, Santa Claus, the carols, the good cheer, the snow and much more. 1950s flavored sound. Perfect for Christmas related tv shows, film productions, advertising and youtube videos.
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  • 08. Christmas Time Is Here (202 – vocals by Chris)

    Uptempo pop original Christmas song with its sixties-sounding beat, the music features a stunning vocal performance by Chris Weeks, Christmas bells in the background, a powerful brass section and a catchy saxophone solo towards the end of the song. Perfect for tv shows, film productions, advertising and youtube videos.
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