Being inspired by Ennio Morricone

On July 6, 2020 we lost Ennio Morricone, one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century, a genius capable of recombining the romantic lyricism of the Italian musical tradition with contemporary music, creating a new, powerful cinematographic imagery.

Morricone was not simply a composer of film music, but an artist who could give film genres a new language: just as Sergio Leone re-invented and gave new life to the western genre, Morricone’s music, with his sound research and the mix of folk and contemporary elements, also created a new soundtrack for that kind of films different from everything that had been there before.

But limiting Morricone’s contribution to westerns or to the cinematographic discourse itself would be limiting, as The Maestro’s footprints went far beyond the composition of film music, with the composition of exceptional orchestral works, concertos, chorals and chamber music.

The tracks we report below are nothing more than a humble tribute to the influence that this unrivaled musical mind has had on our work and our aspirations.

  • Wild West Saga

    A grandiose and adventurous music theme tributes the authentic sound of Italian Spaghetti Western movies. An epic ride rendered by a triumphal march of galloping snare drums, accompanied by a powerful orchestra with all the ingredients of the genre: iconic trumpet theme, tremolo and acoustic guitars, passionate strings, harmonica, tubular bells.

  • Train To The Old Wild West

    Spaghetti western orchestral theme with all the elements of the genre: strumming acoustic guitars, passionate Opera choirs, symphonic orchestra, vibrating blues harmonica, tubular bells, mouth harp and percussions. Adventure, epic mood with the idea of open spaces and cinematic scenarios: right soundtrack for a cinematic ride in the desert. Fits perfectly with cowboy culture, mexican and wild west related productions.

  • Wildlife Scenery

    Majestic orchestral music score perfect for documentaries and epic scenes. Full orchestra with strings, brass, percussions and woodwinds. The music has a unmistakable cinematic atmosphere, and expresses an idea of challenge, struggle for the victory.