Movie Placement: A Snow White Christmas

Our track Christmas Retro Vibe has recently been placed in the 2018 Canadian Christmas movie A Snow White Christmas, directed by Kristin Fairweather and starring Michelle Randolph, Carolyn Hennesy, Liam McNeill. After the incredible success that this music had in the past, with several placements in commercials and television programs, Christmas Retro Vibe now finds its place also within an international film production, as other tracks in our catalog already did in the past.

A Snow White Christmas is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video USA.


When Blanca Snow is faced with spending Christmas with her dastardly stepmother, Victoria, she attempts to fulfill her late father’s wishes and create new memories as a family.” [IMDB].

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  • It’s Christmas Time Again

    A delightful original Christmas tune with a jazzy/swing retro vibe. Cheerful, familiar atmosphere, buoyant mood, cantabile melody by piano and celesta.