Free Stock Music For Videos

As our library grows every day with more and more interesting and original works, we have decided to share a free selection of tracks from our catalogue. The collection is designed for all content creators and video makers who do not have large budgets to start sharing their works and do not want to run into copyright problems, risking that one day their work will be deleted from social networks. It is at the same time a way to make ourselves known and to help our followers grow their channels.

All tracks here are released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License (CC BY-NC 4.0), designed for those who still cannot monetize their content but are not willing to pay for the music. And if one day one of these videos should get wide exposure and you want to start monetizing it, you can still buy a standard royalty-free license for a few dollars and have all the rights for commercial use.

Please note, the Creative Commons Non-Commercial License is not intended for companies or individuals who want to promote a particular product, especially if out of YouTube (tv/radio advertising). More here.

Creative Commons License