Christmas Music Pack Vol. 2

A refined selection of Christmas music from our catalog covering different moods and styles: comedy orchestral, uplifting corporate, retro-flavored jazz. Authentic Holiday atmospheres, this tracks are perfect for commercials, films, Youtube videos an much more.
A great offer including 4 of our Christmas bestsellers for a really affordable price.

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Included Tracks:

  • Christmas Factory

    Vibrant and exciting Christmas orchestral music with a festive and upbeat atmosphere. Fast tempo featuring pizzicato strings, playful woodwinds and brass and a lot of bell sounds. Perfect for commercials, promo clips, comedy cues, videogames, Holiday’s greetings and shopping malls background music.

  • Christmas Atmosphere

    Thrilling orchestral music expressing the exciting and magic atmosphere of Christmas season. Fast lively tempo, uplifting melody and powerful sound. This track is both epic and passionate and it contains all the elements of Christmas music: bells, chimes, pizzicato strings, children’s choir.

  • By The Fireplace

    A delightful original Christmas tune with a jazzy/swing retro vibe. Cheerful, familiar atmosphere, buoyant mood, cantabile melody by piano and accordion.

  • Wishful Christmas

    Uplifting instrumental pop song for Christmas, magical and inspirational. A crescendo of music box, piano, strings and bells into a choral opening with drums. Joyful mood.