Christmas Music Pack Vol. 3

A refined selection of Christmas music from our catalog covering different moods and styles: comedy orchestral, uplifting corporate, soft retro-flavored jazz.
A great offer including 4 of our Christmas bestsellers for a really affordable price.

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Included Tracks:

  • Christmas Village

    Fairy-tale orchestral music perfect for Christmas related productions. Playful, quirky mood with fabulous orchestration and delightful melodies.

  • Jingle Bells (Light Jazz)

    A fine and jazzy rendition of the Christmas classic Jingle Bells performed by piano, double bass and drums. Elegant, classy atmosphere and warm sound. Easy listening light jazz.

  • Snow Fun

    Uptempo original Christmas pop instrumental track with full orchestration of brass and strings, drums, piano and guitars. Sleigh bells on the background contribute to the Holiday atmosphere. Joyful, excitement mood and fast tempo.

  • Snow GLobe Romance

    A delicate and magical composition for Christmas eve, with jingling mallets, woodwinds, percussions and bells. Fantastic, fairy-tale mood.