History & Discovery Music Pack

A collection of epic and dramatic orchestral music for history, archaeology and culture documentaries.

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Included Tracks:

  • History Of Glory

    Majestic and powerful classical music for sensational cinematic scenes: featuring imposing horns and lush strings theme, persistent timpani percussions, epic choir. Perfect for history documentaries, fantasy and adventure cues, films and drone footage.

  • Legendary Castles

    Triumphant and shimmering, with film scores orchestral elements featuring soaring strings, brilliant brass and persistent timpani for an awe-inspiring, exciting mood. Perfect for drone footage, real estate, history documentaries, adventure or action cues.

  • Discovery Expedition

    Ostinato strings and lush violin phrases build a strong cinematic adventure theme, with growing percussions and horns which enhance the sense of glorious discovery and triumph. Decorative elements like celesta and harp for a magical effect that can be associated with fantasy and legend, and an awe-inspiring choir. Perfect for history and geography documentaries, epic film cues, Youtube videos, drone footage and trailers.

  • Cultural Heritage

    Proud and bold, with classical music elements: powerful staccato strings and lush melodic theme by violins, joyful woodwinds and majestic timpani in the backgorund. Awe-inspiring mood, confident feel, perfect for fantasy and adventure cues, history documentaries, patriotic videos, real estate promotional clips, drone footage.